Welcome to our blogging network, created for instructors that are in our ProCourses system.  This blog is for registered instructors only so to register email us on support@protrainings.uk or call 01206 805359  We are the only certifying company to offer such a comprehensive range of features and marketing features including access to sell our e-learning courses.

Most of the information you get from this site is under the groups page.  We have added different groups depending on the subject field.  You can join any group you want (some you apply to join) and then see more information on that subject.   There are also groups where you can gain contacts for assessing and day rate work.  If you join any groups that you want to and that way we can give information to people who are interested in that subject.

If you would like to become a ProTrainings instructor and benefit from this site and all our other sites please call  01206 805359 or email support@protrainings.uk

For more information on our range of courses see our main website at www.protrainings.uk

First Aid Instructor

PTLLS Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer



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