Site Rules

Welcome to our ProTrainings Instructor blog. You have automatically been created a blog of your own free which you can start adding pages and posts as well as adjusting the theme.

With this blog we need to keep it working well so some basic rules:

  • Do not use it to simply promote your business, use the blog we have created for you to that
  • Keep it clean and factual
  • Follow the groups that you want
  • If you want to be on the assessor wanted groups or instructor day rate groups, keep looking at them as you will gain work this way
  • We have the right to delete posts or groups that are not appropriate or old to keep the site looking clean
  • If you want to start a group email us what you want to do and we will add it rather than adding it to then have it deleted
  • If you abuse this site then you will be removed form our system
  • Any abusive comments will be dealt with very strictly (not that we expect that will arise)
  • Please do not call us with question on your blog or using this site.  Use this site to ask us questions or see the training videos on your instructor dashboard
  • Email if you have ideas on better ways of us supporting you or changes you would like to see
We hope that you will find this site a useful tool for reference and expanding sales as well as giving you the ideal platform to have your own blog.  As you blog is linked to ours then the bigger we all get the higher up the search engines all our blogs will come.

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