Advanced CPR Practical Training Dates Launched

18 May 2014 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor, Online Training

Sim1We have teamed up with a local Hospital and Laerdal to offer a special days training in CPR, AED and Basic Lifer Support using the advances manikins made by Laerdal.  On these days you will be able to train and practice on manikins that are as near to the real thing as possible.  This will not only improve your practical CPR skills but also your demonstration and teaching skills.

On the day you will practice and analyse adult, infant and child skills in a purpose designed hospital training suite with full video monitoring and computer analysis.  The training suite has a hospital like training room and control room where the manikins can be set to different problems so you learn to react correctly in a simulated environment.  While others are doing the practical sessions, you can watch whats happening and we can analyse performance using the video suite. At ProTrainings we are trying to improve the CPR and BLS skills of all instructors to give them the edge over their competition and we will be introducing different centre levels later this year and to gain the highest level you would have to have advanced CPR to ensure the highest quality.  More information on these manikins click here.

The initial date we have set is for 1st July and we are also filming there for our online courses on 9th June and there will be a limited number of spaces on this day as well.  The cost is £150 plus VAT and it will include certification, photos and the download of your performance.  If you would like to book, email or phone 01206 805359. We will be adding new dates very soon.

ITG Instructor Training and ProTrainings will be using the CPRQ simulation manikins very soon on all instructor training days to improve the quality of CPR training with all instructors. The CPRA manikin will also be used with FPOS training courses.

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  1. How do I book a space for 1st July?

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