Are you available to work on a daily basis?

10 March 2015 in Instructor

Catoon guy and question markWe are receiving more work on a daily basis that we need instructors to teach.  It may be for one off jobs or regular work.  The courses are across the range of the ProTrainings qualifications from First Aid to Health & Safety,  Care courses and Data Protection.  We can offer upgrades or courses to allow you to teach subjects if required.

If you are interested in getting updates on this work, you can email your availability to and he will add you to the blog group.  If you are in the group but not getting the emails, also email Matt and add your mobile number and we will text you the updates also.

Day rate work is a good way of gaining experience and earning more money.  You are usually required to have your own equipment, depending on the subject.  If you need any equipment let us know and we may be able to help you.

3 responses to Are you available to work on a daily basis?

  1. Hi Matt
    Can you please check to see if i’m still on the mailing list for day rate work, I seem to have stopped receiving info. I will also be happy for you to contact me via mobile phone if any work comes up in the Norfolk area. My mobile number is 07909522428. Thanks Matt
    Kindest regards
    Andy Anderson
    First Aid at Work Norfolk

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