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1 October 2014 in Instructor

From 1st October 2015 (one year from now) in order to continue delivering first aid training all tutors/instructors will need to hold the 12 credit PTLLS or Award in Education and Training as a minimum qualification and we will be required to hold a copy of your certificate on file.  If you have the older 6 credit PTLLS you will need to hold the unit 1 of the regulated assessor qualification.

If you need to gain the AET qualification or do the unit 1 of the regulated assessor qualification please contact ITG Instructor Training for more information, they offer a 4 day intensive AET course or distance course options where you attend for 1 day to complete the micro-teach presentation.  The unit 1 assessor qualification is completed as a 100% distance course.  If you would like any advice or to book you can call ITG on 01206 805380.

Remember this is a year away but it is worth thinking now if you need these qualifications.  You can also if you want complete the Certificate in Education and Training level 4.

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