14 March 2017 in Instructor

CybercrimeCybercrime is something that anyone can be a victim of, private individuals, small companies and large corporates may all be targeted through various forms of phishing and malware that you may unwittingly install on your computer by clicking a link or opening a file attachment that has been sent to you.

Cybercrime victims can suffer financial loss and damage to their reputation and may even find their data being held to ransom. Cybercrime in all forms is a wide scale problem over one million UK cases reported to Action Fraud in the last year alone.

Most criminals have limited technical capabilities but are being helped by sophisticated tools that they can access through the online criminal market place, which is helping cybercrime to grow and evolve.

‘Ransomware’ attacks are increasingly being reported, threats are made to block a company from using their data, or in some cases to publish the data online. Some attacks are targeted while others are random and speculative, casting a wide net to get results.

Over the coming weeks on this blog we will be discussing the different risks you and your business could be faced with.  Cybercrime does not just affect businesses, your personal data could also be compromised.

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