Daily Instructor Business Hints from ProTrainings Europe

31 December 2015 in Instructor

Increase salesTo start the New Year off in the right direction, over the coming days we are giving you an idea a day for 14 days on how you can develop your business or in-house training by using the features provided by ProTrainings.  There are many benefits of being a ProTrainings centre, many of which you may not know exist or maybe you are not using them to their full capacity.  These hints will be easy to implement and will help you make training and running a business easier and more productive.

We will cover things like developing your business, protecting your business, making yourself look a bigger business than you are, social media, online course sales, classroom sales, regulated qualifications, adding widgets to your websites and many more.

These daily hints will start on 4th January and if you need any help with them, contact our support by email, phone or use the online chat from any of our main websites.

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