Data Protection Registration – Do I have to register?

28 September 2011 in Featured Articles

The Data Protection Act 1998 may be something that you think you do not need to worry about but this is not the case. You will all need to register with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) but this is a simple process and can mostly be done online.  There is a charge which is currently £35 per year and you can register to pay by direct debit every year where they post you conformation annually just in case there are any changes to your registration. Most instructors will be tier 1 so don’t get confused by the two tier system.

Registering is only the first part, you also need to follow all the rules about safe storage of any data you hold on an individual or business. Take time to review your data protection policy and if you do not have a written policy, start one now. It is better to comply now than risk problems later.

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