Day rate work – Instructors needed

16 September 2015 in Instructor

Increase SalesWe will soon be launching a new portal on the ProTrainings instructor dashboard for day rate work and this will replace the blog that we use at the moment as some instructors have problems with accessing emails and updates.  We hope to launch this very soon.

In the mean time, if you are available for the rest of the year working on odd days or more regularly please can you email and say the general area you will travel to and apart form first aid, other subjects you will teach.  Also if you can confirm if you have first aid equipment and manikins and if you have an AED trainer, what brand it is. We have a need for a national contract for a lot of instructors to teach an AED/BLS course at locations across the UK so if you are interested in this also pop it in the email.

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