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10 January 2013 in Classroom Training, Fire Safety, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, Pet First Aid

If you would like more bookings and leads ensure you list your courses and any possible courses on your dashboard so they get listed on and automatically on our relevant online sites and blogs.  We are getting a lot of calls and emails for people wanting courses but not enough are listed.  In an ideal world you need to list at least 100 courses for the rest of the year as it does take time for the search engines to pick up listings and if you list enough then you will have a much greater presence on Google which will result in more sales. Here are some idea’s to help you:

  • List one course a month (not just the next few months) for the key courses, you can always change the date later or cancel
  • List not only the main ones but the others as well like AED, Family, Sports etc.  You can always create classes all on the same day and then choose the one you get booking son to run and cancel the others
  • You must also list BLS courses and for the half day you set create one of each (BLS, BLS for Dentist and BLS Healthcare Professionals). You can run all these on the same time.  Demand is high for BLS training
  • One of the biggest courses we have for online bookings are the 2 day Paediatric and more so the day two of the blended Paediatric.  These you need to allocate one a month.
  • Add Fire, Food, Infection Control, Manual Handling etc to the system even if you add a course every three months and again for 12 months ahead.
  • Make sure you email and ask to have the bulk skill evaluation feature added to your account. It’s free and you can then set aside an evening or morning every week, month or what ever you want in a single page.  We are going to be expanding marketing on BLS any day now and need skill evaluation dates set.  They will take you under an hour to evaluate after they have done the online course and you keep all the money as the certificate is generated online for the student automatically
  • Make sure your contact details are correct on our system.  There is no point passing leads to you and then they cannot get hold of you
  • Finally, if you are not running a course, cancel it as we have had people calling us as they keep booking on courses only to be told they are cancelled sometimes weeks away.  If you get a lead you cannot teach pass it to us and we will find someone who wants it rather than upsetting a customer

This may take a little time but it will be worth it and it is all free to list.  If you need any help you can email or phone me and i will go through things with you. We will be giving more guidance at the training days in March but get set up now.

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