FAW Requalification Dates After Expiry for QCF Courses

15 October 2013 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWe now have clarification regarding the dates relating to the Requalification course for First Aid at Work. Students can only be accepted on a 2 day QCF requalification course that is completed within 1 calendar month of the expiry of their current FAW certificate.  If they cannot start and finish the course within the calendar month or if their current certificate falls outside of this timescale they must complete the 3 Day FAW course.

You must take a copy of all current FAW certificates for all students on a requalification course and upload them to the class on your dashboard (as before).
The certification date for the requalification course will be the date the student finishes your course and is no longer based on the expiry date of their previous certifications.  This does mean that students who do not requalify before their FAW runs out will not be recognised by the HSE as a First Aider during that time.

Instructors must never let their FAW qualification lapse it must be renewed before it expires as you will not be able to teach during the interim period allowed. If for any reason your FAW expires you will be placed in non-teaching status until we receive a copy of your new FAW certificate.

Please note that only HSE (prior to the 1/10/2013) or QCF Accredited certificates are acceptable.

Our system will notify you 3 months before your FAW expires and you will see the alarm on your dashboard, please do not ignore these or any other alerts as we do not want you to be unable to deliver training for any period of time.

All of the above are regulations of Ofqual, HSE and QCF please make sure you fully understand, if you have any doubts please call us for clarification.

3 responses to FAW Requalification Dates After Expiry for QCF Courses

  1. To clarify, the one month period is all you are allowed, no longer. If the certificate is over one calendar month by one day then they have to do the 3 day course.

  2. Hi Keith, can you point me to where this requirements is detailed as i cant find it in the assessment strategy, thanks

    • It is in the course standards available on the instructor dashboard:

      Requalification Guidance
      The qualification is valid for 3 years. The recommended duration of the requalification course is 12 hours over
      2 days; however the course duration may be increased to meet additional learning needs if required, but not
      reduced. Learners will still need to be assessed against all learning outcomes and assessment criteria in both
      units. In order for learners to remain qualified they must retake their qualification whilst their certificate
      remains in date. NB. Learners have a one month period of grace, post certificate expiry, to be able to access
      the shorter course; however it is important to note that during this period, learners are not qualified to
      provide First Aid.

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