Free Video Online First Aid Course for Every School Child Site Now Live

5 May 2012 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor, Online Training

Help us spread the word, we have a free video first aid course for every school child. We need to get the word out to schools and clubs to sign up for free. See and like our Facebook page at Schools can sign up and choose online only or we can offer a practical session as well. First aid is a very important skill for all children to learn and completing an online course will expand first aid into schools. If a practical module is needed then we will contact our instructors to complete this part.

It works by the school registering and they get a school dashboard like our instructor or company dashboards. They can either opt for 100% online or blended, which creates a code which starts “SCH” and that relates to a school or class so when entered on the home page the child gets access free to the course.

This is an excellent chance to expand first aid awareness and we welcome anyone who wants to be part of the project. If you know any schools or clubs who want to register ask them to register here or email their details to us.  Please email any ideas to, this is not a normal course that you can set up from your dashboard. If everyone helps to get this free course in to their local schools and clubs it will help the project become a success. Thank you.

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