HSE Removal of Direct Approval

4 May 2012 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor

There is a lot of information being sent out in relation to the HSE and First Aid at Work.  We have been aware for sometime of the HSE’s intention to cease monitoring and approving First Aid at Work related courses (FAW and EFAW). We have not to date sent out information regarding this matter because nothing has been decided and no formal decisions or information has been sent out to us as an HSE centre by the HSE.

The one fact that is true is that the HSE are stopping direct approval of first aid in the workplace as a result of the Lofthouse report.  This will not affect any of our instructors or centres as a credible certificate will still be required by businesses and our courses will always comply.  The HSE will set out the course material that we at ProTrainings use to then issue the certificates, similar to the way our other certificates work.  Nothing is going to change immediately and there is no need to panic. We have been working on changes for sometime and this is one reason why we made all our courses CPD Certified recently to ensure you have desirable and recognised qualifications for all your courses.

One other thing that seems to be happening is that the onus will be on the employers to ensure that any course they put their staff on is certified and run through a credible organisation (like us) or Ofqual QCF (through us).  We are prepared if these courses do take the Ofqual QCF route or to give you a choice on the type of certificate you want to provide to your customers. Unlike other organisations, our certificates can be validated online so employers can prove they are genuine, we will continue to meet all the guidelines for courses when released.

Remember no decision about the future of First Aid at Work courses has been made yet and we will continue to provide you and your customers with benefits such as free CPD Certified certificate to download, free manuals and downloads, refresher reminders, free advertising for your courses, free online booking, weekly emails and you will still earn on commissions etc.

We are watching this very closely and will let you know when something is decided and the likely date will possibly be as soon as October 2012 but more likely from what we hear April 2013. We will make sure that everything is ready well in plenty of time for the changes.

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