Improvements to online courses

19 January 2012 in Featured Articles, Online Training

We have made many improvements to our video online courses adding adaptive tests and training questions.  These will make the testing much better and all test questions are different for each student.  It allows us to ensure also that each student has to get a set number right in each section.

There is also a remedial section after the course so they can see the videos again where they got questions wrong as well as reading more text on that subject.   All students still have access to the site for 8 months, free PDF student manual and other benefice.

There will be more changes happening soon with new videos being added.  Selling online courses will increase the courses that you can offer and it will also increase the classroom or blended courses that you sell.  Online training is not to replace classroom courses but if someone wants online you would be better to offer them and earn rather than them going to another provider. You can set up prices down to £14.95 plus VAT and lower prices are available via us. If you need any help in marketing online courses please contact us.

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