Instructor Business Hint 2 – Improve and Increase Classroom Training

5 January 2016 in Featured Articles

ClassromWhen you teach you need to make the experience the best you can for your customers, it is also an opportunity to tell them about other courses you offer to help you to gain more referrals and repeat bookings. Consider a printed leaflet providing details about other courses you can provide and the free dashboard they get from ProTrainings.  They will then know where to go for the free downloads and student manual and will also be able to register for the weekly video email refresher.  These are very popular with learners and companies as they increase the guided learning hours and keep skills fresh.  You will also be able to offer the free student first aid code so that their children can get training online free of charge, these are all options that are only available to ProTrainings instructors, these extra benefits offer added value to the customer and make them more likely to return to you in the future.  

One area instructors get a lower feedback score is pre-course information. If you register students in advance on the dashboard they will automatically receive emails confirming the class, if students are not registered in advance, it is important to email or call learners, to confirm the course and give them the course details which should include location, your mobile number, what to wear and any other relevant information.  If you list courses in advance on ProTrainings you will receive more online bookings and your customers will receive emails about the course, however in either case it is important to contact customers closer to the course date, this is good practice and ensures that students are in a good frame of mind when they attend your training.  It also provides an opportunity to remind your customer about payment.

Our student manuals are free for the learner to download but you may want to give a manual away on the course.  Early in 2016 we are adding manuals in different languages like Welsh, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.   This will help support training to those who English is not their first language.  We are also adding a human body reference manual which has diagrams of the body to support training.  When creating your sales material it is important to tell your customers on sales material and your website all about the extra things you offer that others do not.  Include the evidence based learning statements, Certified CPD certificate, other resources.

Professionally printed copies of our student manuals are available, you can choose from the standard books or you can personalise the back cover with your logo, text, web, phone and address. The student manuals are A5 size with a quality colour cover and black and white pages. To access the site and purchase and personalise your books click here.  The minimum order is only 1 book per subject for the standard books or 10 per subject if you want them personalised. The FREE Digital Student Manuals are still available for all courses certified through ProTrainings, the printed books are not required with our courses, but due to expressed interest in printed versions we have now made these available.  We have also added some leaflets and posters and will be adding more promotional material soon.

Make sure your students and companies know what you can offer as a ProTrainings centre and if your not sure, ask us.  We offer more than any other certifying body.

If you need to keep track of contacts then consider using a customer relationship management system, they are not as expensive as you may think, most are available as an online tool so that you can access your customer data from anywhere, we have found the one we use has been an excellent tool over the years to help us to build our  business.  We have been asked by many instructors about contact management and it is important in your business to be able to track and manage your contacts.  Click the image for more details or click here.

Finally, be there early, have the right equipment ready for use and complete the paperwork effectively to make your course look more professional than others.

If you have any questions or would like to become a ProTrainings centre, please contact us by email on, phone on 01206 805359 or use our online chat from most of our websites.

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