Instructor Business Hint 5 – Day rate work

8 January 2016 in Featured Articles

Classroom TrainingProTrainings provides an additional means for instructors to find work through the day rate system.  This system is simply providing your services as a trainer for other instructors or delivering training courses to national contracts.  Day rate work is not for everybody but it is a very useful way of earning extra money and gaining more experience in teaching.  We have day rate work across the UK for a variety of the course subjects we offer.  Many instructors prefer to work on a day rate basis, others find it a useful addition to delivering training to their own customer base.

If you would like the opportunity to work on a daily rate, make sure you are registered  for day rate work on your dashboard.  The first step is to ensure that all instructors have chosen to be on the list on our system.  When you are registered you will receive an email from our system to ensure the notifications about work available get through to you in the same way you receive this email.  We will be adding a day rate dashboard later but in the meantime, this will be a quick way of getting the information to you before the new system is fully launched.  

You may already be registered but please check if you want to be on the day rate list.

  • Login to your ProTrainings instructor dashboard
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click “Edit Your Public Instructor Profile”
  • Under “other information” click “I Want Day Rate Work”
  • Go to bottom and update information to save your choice.

This will add you to our data base so we can start to notify you about available work and you will automatically be on our lists when the next phase goes live. The new emails to notify you about potential date rate work will go out at 6pm on any day where a job is listed. Please make sure that you have entered all of your information and keep it up to date, this should include information about the manikins, training rooms you have available and most importantly your contact information.  Most day rate work is delivered at the customer premises. If you want to discuss the day rate work you can do or need any help with the system, give us a call.

If you have a course and you need us to find an instructor to deliver it for you, contact us so we can put it out to the instructor network.  By using other instructors it can increase the area you cover.

Finally to ensure you receive our emails, make sure you add us to your safe list. Look at the email this message is sent from and add to your safe list and also add

If you have any questions or would like to become a ProTrainings centre, please contact us by email on, phone on 01206 805359 or use our online chat from most of our websites.

2 responses to Instructor Business Hint 5 – Day rate work

  1. Hi Keith

    I would be very interested in day rate work, however it seems that there isn’t much happening for pro trainings in Scotland. After I first qualified with you I got a couple of jobs but haven’t had anything for a couple of years. Do you do much marketing north of the border.

    • Brent

      Yes we market nationally but it depends where the jobs come in for day rate. If you email and say where you work, it will remind him about you and give him more of an idea how far you travel.



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