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12 March 2013 in Classroom Training, Instructor

To maximise potential sales we recommend listing multiple courses on the same date on the ProCourses website and using the new bulk class listing feature on your instructor dashboard, this is a simple process to set for the next 12 months.

For example if you list the following together:
Basic Life Support,  Basic Life Support for Dentists & Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals

If you list other courses on the same day that cannot be taught together you can choose to run the one that you receive the first booking for, making sure that you remove the other listings you have made for the same day from the site.

Running 2 half day courses on the same day will help you to make the most of room hire costs and also consider running evening courses and evaluations from your home. Instructors have already done this and it has worked very well especially if you have a small number of people to evaluate or teach.

If you are running an EFAW think about listing an AED course to start immediately after, this may encourage candidates on the EFAW to add the AED and you can also book other individuals onto the course.

Be careful with the QCF courses you can mix EFAW QCF and FAW QCF, the EFAW must always be day 1 of the course as it is modular – but you cannot mix the QCF FAW 2 Requalification – this must always be taught as a separate course

HSE Approved EFAW courses and FAW courses cannot be taught together under any circumstances.

BLS and other evaluations can be added to run immediately after any courses, this may help you to receive additional income for very little cost.

Mixing courses does take careful planning and you must ensure that everyone on the course knows what is happening.

These suggestions enable you to list more courses without setting too many separate dates, this will give you more coverage on the ProCourses site which in turn should generate more leads for you.

Remember to post dates for courses you want to run for the next year (not just a couple of months) the longer your listing is on the site the higher the chance of Google crawling the page and achieving a listing on the first pages for searches in your area, this is vital for you to gain business page one rankings on Google will certainly mean more bookings for you, if you do not list courses far enough into the future this will not be achieved.

Please find some suggested course combinations below:-

Date 1


Date 2

QCF Paediatric 2 day and QCF Nanny and Au Pair 1 day or ProTrainings versions

Date 3

BLS, BLS Healthcare, BLS Dentist

Why not add an AED course for the afternoon and the QCF CPR/AED level 2

Date 3

List any non first aid courses if you list both the level 1 and level 2 courses you can choose to deliver the course that receives a booking first.  List the QCF and standard courses you can teach.

Date 3

Pet first aid, then afternoon dog care and cat care

Date 4

Infection control, Infection control for Dentists and Infection control for Beauty and body piercing. In the afternoon, list another half-day course

Date 5

HSE EFAW (include the forestry, driver and equestrian options)

Date 6

HSE FAW (include the forestry and equestrian options)

Date 7

Outdoor pursuits courses and other full day courses or two-day courses

Date 8

50 Plus First Aid, Junior First Aid, Martial Arts First Aid, Equestrian First Aid, Basic First Aid etc.

Date 9

Manual Handling and Safer Moving of People courses

It is important to list all our courses for the next 12 months so any questions please email or call us but remember to cancel classes where not needed.

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