Local authority approval no longer needed for paediatric first aid training and Paediatric is now Level 3

11 September 2014 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor

Child eye face cut small graphicAs a result of a government review, the requirement for trainers offering paediatric first aid to be approved by local councils or be on a council list, is no longer exists.  ProTrainings were approved by many councils across the UK and we appreciate how much of a barrier was placed on trainers.

Paediatic First Aid has been increased from a level 2 to a level 3 qualification so this applies to both ProTrainings and Regulated Qualifications from the 1st September 2014.

All the paperwork and revised PowerPoint are on the dashboard, it is important to review the PowerPoint before you teach the course as there are some slight changes to the course to meet the new requirements.  Both qualifications are taught and assessed in the same way.

Remember if you are delivering the regulated qualification you must have one manikin per four learners.  So a group of 12 learners you must have 3 infant manikins and 3 child manikins.  You can usually use an adult manikin as a child manikin.  If you need more manikins, contact us as we have a wide variety available from Simulaids, Saniman, Leardal and Prestan.

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