Most exam packs for regulated non first aid qualifications now open response downloadable assessment packs

26 September 2014 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, Fire Safety, QCF

ProTrainings CoursesWe have now had approvals for our new downloadable exam packs for non first aid subjects rather than you having to buy a paper version in advance of the course for regulated qualifications.  ProTrainings Qualifications have always been downloadable exams.  These new  packs are available if you have the skill from your instructor dashboard.  They are clear and easier to complete by the learner.  These are assessment packs and not end of course exams so they can be completed by the learner during the course then marked by the instructor.

You can download the course papers including the assessment packs direct from the class page on your dashboard.  You also need the learner registration and course evaluation which are also available from the class and the documents section.  We will also be releasing a new exam which is more user friendly for learners soon on ProTrainings qualifications at all levels.

Subjects where open response has replaced the paper packs are:

  • Health and Safety Level 1
  • Health and Safety Level 2
  • Fire Level 1
  • Fire Level 2
  • Safer Moving and Handling Level 2
  • Food Safety in Catering Level 2
  • Customer Service Level 2

You still need to buy in advance the COSHH and Risk Assessment Level 2 qualifications.  With ProTrainings Qualifications you can still download exam packs for all subjects.

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