New day rate work on ProTrainings with optional text alerts – you need to check and update your account

7 May 2016 in Instructor

WorkWe have launched phase one of the new day rate feature on your ProTrainings dashboard.  We have added optional text alerts as well to the day rate jobs and when someone books on your classes.  The day rate work available will be moving to the ProTrainings dashboard from instructorblogs as some people were having problems with the notifications.  The new system will only send you jobs in the area that you want to work, or nationally if you choose.

To use this you MUST update your day rate settings in your account settings to select you want day rate work, the distance you will travel and if you want text alerts.

When a job is posted, you will get an email if you are registered to receive them AND you have set the distance you are willing to travel.  If for example your set at 150km you will not get notifications outside this area so if you want all notifications you need to change your distance to travel to a much higher level.  You can reply though the dashboard if you are interested in the job and you can add a message.  When you get the job you will be notified and if the job has been taken you will also be emailed.

We also added a text alert option.  You need to add this from your account settings where you can select to add text alerts.  You do not have to have this but we thought that some people would find it easier and faster to be notified by text.  The text alert is free for a month then if you want it, the cost is £10 plus VAT for 6 moths or £15 plus VAT for 12 months.  You will be able to reply for a job by text and send messages to our support by text.

The other useful feature of the text service is that you will get a text as well as an email if someone books on your classroom course from our websites or links you use on your website.  Having a text will avoid you loosing or missing an email and you can contact and take payment quicker.  We will be adding other text features over the coming months and there will not be an additional charge.

If you have work that you want to find an instructor for, email and he will add it on. You will be able to add jobs on yourself soon.

Phase 2 of this feature will be launched later and include many other features like linking to classrooms and you being able to upload your invoice to the system for payment.  We will see how this goes and may well add more features.  Let me know if you have any ideas on

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