New Design Instructor and Company Dashboards

18 July 2013 in Classroom Training, Instructor, QCF

As you may have noticed, we have drastically renovated the instructor dashboard. The highlights include an overhaul for student reporting as well as making your most common functions (purchasing credits and managing classrooms) simpler and easier.  We have also merged QCF credit into certificate credit, so you only need to purchase one amount. We hope that the new organization of items, faster loading of reports, and more straightforward design makes your job easier and your experience better.  We also hope that everything is more intuitive and requires little explanation or training.

We are recording a new overview and training video this week and we will put them live very soon.

However, if you are unsure of how to perform any of the tasks that you are used to completing, please check out the help page.   Please feel free to call our support reps, and they would be happy to clear up any confusion as well. We hope that these new changes improve your overall experience using the ProTrainings program.

1 response to New Design Instructor and Company Dashboards

  1. love the new dash board! keep up the good work guys

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