Paediatric Qualifications are changing to level 3 with new version 6 PowerPoint

17 August 2014 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor

Child head injuryOn the 1st September 2014 there are some changes to the Paediatric Qualifications, they are changing from a Level 2 qualification to a Level 3.  This will apply to both regulated qualifications and ProTrainings qualifications.  There will be a new PowerPoint available which you will be able to download from your dashboard..  Please make sure you read and understand the new learning outcomes.  They are very similar to the old qualification, the contact hours are the same (6 & 12 hours) but the guided learning hours have been increased to 22, these additional hours can be met using the ProTrainings system by learners utilising the videos, manuals and downloads available.  The ProTrainings blended paediatric qualifications will still meet the learning outcomes.

These qualification changes will be made nationally and be adopted by all Awarding Organisations offering such qualifications at the same time. Registrations for the current qualifications will cease on 31 August 2014 and centres approved to offer regulated qualifications will have a maximum of 6 weeks from this date to complete their programmes and apply for learner certifications. After this period you will not be able to receive the level 2 qualification.

This will be the first course that has our Version 6 PowerPoint presentations.  These will be available for other courses during September/October, these PowerPoints will have more graphics and images and many will include slides listing the course learning outcomes for your convenience.

The requirement for offering regulated qualifications at this level is 1 child and 1 infant manikin for up to 4 learners, therefore if you teach a group of 12 you will need three child and infant manikins.

More information to follow as we launch this qualification.

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  1. Thank you for the update – can candidates currently doing the on-line part of the Blended Course upgrade to the level 3? I have a ‘Day 2’ running on September 6th and October 4th should those be level 2 or 3?

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