PractiBaby is about to be born, special price for limited time

12 March 2018 in Equipment, Instructor

PractiBabyWe are pleased to announce the birth of the latest PractiMan manikin the PractiBaby.  This new manikin is a full feature manikin at an affordable price. The PractiBaby manikin offers realistic training of Infant CPR and gives a full feature manikin for a competitive price. The PractiBaby is available with or without a carry bag and as a four pack in a single bag.

  • Weight and size are realistic for infant CPR
  • Exclusive breathing system including a realistic nose function
  • Head tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway
  • Chest clicker can be turned off
  • Stable placement when laying on its back
  • Includes carry bag
  • Includes 5 x spare lungs and 2 x airway valves and manual
To celebrate the birth we are offering an extra 10 percent off for instructors for a limited time.  The price of a PractiBaby with a carry bag is usually £109.95 plus VAT but for a limited time, the special price is just £98.95 plus VAT.  The manikin without a bag is usually at £99.95 plus VAT reduced to just £89.95 plus VAT.
If you would like more information on the PractiBaby or any other CPR manikin please contact us on 01206 805380 or visit our first aid equipment website.
PractiBaby .    PractiBaby

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