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10 April 2013 in Instructor, QCF

It is very important with all courses to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly.  The QCF courses have to be signed in all parts by the learner and instructor where indicated.  You then upload them to the class on the ProTrainings system so that all the paperwork for the course is viewable in one place.  There is a course guide for each course on the dashboard that details all required QCF paperwork.  If you have any questions please phone or email ProTrainings on 01206 805359 or support@protrainings.uk.

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  1. There are 26 forms/ links in the QCF area and you only need a few for each course. Its not hard but gets a little confusing with so many links. If it was broken down to course pacific I think it would be much easier. I am on of those that struggles to get to grips with my paperwork until I have done it a few times. However practical tasks are never a problem for me. I have made a suggestion to Liz and after another couple of courses I wont think nothing of it. It was the same when I first Joined and kept calling Natasha for help.

    • If you are delivering QCF you have to do things a little different. Each QCF course after the general forms are broken into course subject and each course has a guide and in that are the forms needed for the course and they all say the same title on the list on the documents section.

      Basically it’s the same information as the HSE courses but in a different form. For example with the EFAW course you start with the learner registration sheet (one per person on the course as it asks sensitive information), the accident report sheet exercise (same as has been in the HSE courses for 6 months), learner direct observation (this is where you sign off each learning outcome for each learner grouped under the course title), written test (grouped under the course title) and course evaluation (same for all courses). All these are uploaded to the class.

      We have added the learner registration form to appear on the class you create and pre fill with course and learner information (if you add them to the class) and will be adding the required forms there in due course. This means that you will be able to create a class then looking at the class print off all the paperwork.

      As more courses are added there will be more forms as each course has it’s own paperwork. If you or any one needs help just ask, its no problem thats what we are here for.

  2. See post Friday 12th April, new feature added.

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