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28 June 2012 in Instructor is a good way of generating business but you need to use it correctly to get more leads and online bookings. If you only list 4 courses that’s only 4 pages you will create on our site, if you list 100 that’s 100 pages and more ways people can find you.

  • List courses for the rest of the year not just next week
  • List a cross section of courses not just HSE ones as we get lots of interest in BLS, AED, Sports Family etc
  • List the blended day 2 of the Paediatric course
  • In the description just put the course details like tea and coffee provided, near railway station etc.  There is a link on the page where they get courses details so don’t put course description, your website etc so no contact details and no web links or html code in the description as this will not come out on the site correct and you page can be removed.
  • Price the course correctly to encourage the booking
  • Create your blog page on this blog by editing the blog from your instructor dashboard
  • Make sure your website is in your edit profile page if you have one
  • Check your phone and email is correct
  • Be flexible and take bookings on courses even if just one, you could go to them to teach it.  When you have a booking more will follow
  • Link your website to your ProCourses page so they can see your dates and book online for free
  • List our Health & Safety, Fire, Pet, Infection control etc if you are authorised to teach it or upgrade and complete the course online from your login area.
  • You can list different courses on the same date and then run the one you get bookings for if that helps

If you need help email or call us and we can give you advise on getting the most out of our system.  All this is free for our centres you just buy the certificate when they come on the course and remember all your students get all the free downloads, refresher emails, discounts on e-learning (you earn commission) and reminders liked back to you.

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