Staying current, active and viewable on the ProTrainings system by acting on the reminders on your dashboard

10 April 2013 in Classroom Training, Instructor

It is a requirement that all instructors keep their CPD up to date and complete an annual skill evaluation.  You also need to ensure your FAW or exemption is current and emailed to ProTrainings to ensure you are not made non viewable or put in to non teaching status.  Warnings show on your dashboard if you are within three months of your FAW expiring or annual skill evaluation being due.

CPD – We give all instructors a free AED and First Aid at Work annual refresher video online course to keep the skills fresh.  You can also access the free instructor refresher site which tells you about how to use our system, teaching, marketing, business, QCF and other useful information.  Simply select the course form the home page once you log in and then complete it. The course is automatically added to your Portfolio of Evidence.  It is important to keep your skill fresh and to keep learning about your subject area to be an effective compliant instructor.

Skill Review – It is a requirement that you complete a skill review by another instructor or professional at least every year.  You will receive warnings as you review time gets closer then you will be made non viewable if you do not complete it and email to ProTrainings. The form is in the documents section of the instructor dashboard and we recommend that you complete this whenever you are with another instructor rather than leaving it to the last minute.  If you have gone passed your date we can allow a short extension and make you viewable again.  When you are non viewable, none of your courses are advertised on our system so please keep this up to date.

FAW or Exemption – It is a requirement that you hold a current FAW and this can be a HSE approved or QCF level 3.  The exemption only applies to registered Nurses, paramedics and Doctors.  If you are exempt make sure we have your latest registration documents emailed over.  We are holding FAW refresher courses over two days in Colchester where you will re-qualify with our QCF Level 3 First Aid at Work and required skill reviews.  The next date is Thursday 2nd May and Friday 3rd May and then every second month.  Email if you would like more details or to book.

Portfolio of Evidence – This is required of all trainers and is not a CV.  With ProTrainings your portfolio is automatically updated with every course you teach and online course you complete with us. Other data is automatically added so you just need to add other information about your qualifications.  Although our Portfolio is automatic, you must review it every 6 months and a warning will appear on your instructor dashboard.

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