Summer Conference – HSE, Blended FAW and EFAW, Catastrophic Bleeding, Choking and More

8 June 2016 in Instructor

Colchester Conference Due to the addition of Tourniquets, Haemostatic dressings and the HSE and first aid changes including the new blended First Aid at Work and EFAW courses we will be running an update event in Birmingham and Colchester in July.  These events are to update instructors on the new changes to first aid training and the options you have.  It will cover the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Update on training and the HSE
  3. First Aid ERC changes to training
  4. Blended FAW and EFAW training
  5. Using blended FAW and EFAW training in your company and workplace
  6. Regulated qualifications and blended training
  7. Dechoker devices
  8. Why tourniquets and haemostatic dressings are now recomended
  9. Using tourniquets and haemostatic dressings
  10. Day rate work and text alert features
  11. HSE changes to FAW and EFAW with the inclusion of AED training
  12. Questions and close

Attending the course you will receive:

  • Certified CPD certifcate
  • ProTrainings approved instructor photo ID badge and lanyard
  • Catastrophic bleeding update on your account for tourniquets and haemostatic dressings
  • Buffet lunch and tea/coffee throughout the day

We are charging £20 for the day this time but we are including buffet lunch for this event and a donation to the Air Ambulance for everyone who registers.

We will be running a course in Birmingham on Friday 15th July and Colchester on Thursday 28th July.

Book tickets using the below links:

Eventbrite - Summer Conference - HSE, blended FAW, catastrophic bleeding, choking and more

Eventbrite - Summer Conference - HSE, blended FAW, catastrophic bleeding, choking and more


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