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First Aid at Work FAW for Instructors with skill review date

29 June 2017 in Instructor

ProTrainingsWe have set another date for First Aid at Work Level 3 for instructors to include their skill update.  The course is our blended FAW so you complete one day online and one day in the classroom.  The practical day will be in our offices in Colchester on Friday 27th October. Read the rest of this entry →

Up coming courses for instructors in June

31 May 2017 in Instructor

ProTrainingsWe have the following courses coming up in June:

  • Food Safety 27th 28th June £295.00 + VAT
  • First Aid at Work Requal (includes Skill Evaluation) 23rd June £195.00 + VAT

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First Aid at Work requalification on Friday 23rd June at Colchester

10 May 2017 in Featured Articles, Instructor


ProTrainingsWe are holding another First Aid at Work requalification course for instructors at ITG/ProTrainings on Friday 23rd June for those who have a valid FAW.  The course is a blended course so you would complete the online part before you attend the practical day.  We also include your skill review for your ProTrainings centre.  Read the rest of this entry →

ProTrainings FAW Qualification now accepted by TQUK for Instructors Offering Regulated Qualifications

28 January 2016 in Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor

First aid at workWe are pleased to announce that our own ProTrainings First Aid at Work Qualification is now accepted by TQUK as a qualification for first aid instructors who wish to offer their regulated qualifications.  This is because it meets all of the required learning outcomes and due diligence.  If you have a ProTrainings FAW and wish to add regulated qualifications to the list of courses you deliver, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Latest Course Dates for FPOS, H&S, Fire, Manual Handling, FAW Re-qualification and People Moving

24 September 2014 in Classroom Training, Instructor

IHCDWe have new dates for many courses to increase your knowledge or number of courses that you can offer. All the courses are in our new offices in Colchester.  To book or find out more information please call 01206 805380.

FPOS – First Person On Scene

With this EDEXEL IHCD qualification you can now use in place of an FAW for instructors.  The course is five days and covers many different advanced first aid techniques and practical experience.  The cost is £475 plus VAT and there is a course on 6th to 10th October, 1st to 5th December and 12th to 16th January 2015. We recommend this to all instructors to give you more knowledge and practical experience in first aid and how to assist the paramedic.  This is also ideal for those who want to offer medical assistance at events. Read the rest of this entry →

FAW Requalification Course in Colchester for Instructors

17 January 2014 in Instructor

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIf you need to re-qualify your FAW, we are running a course in Colchester on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March 2014. This course is for instructors only and will renew your FAW as HABC level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF) and update your annual skill review. The cost is £195 plus VAT and you can book by calling Paula on 01206 805380 or emailing the office. You do not have to do your requalification with us, you can complete it locally but make sure that you are getting a level 3 QCF or Red Cross/St Johns FAW, as you cannot deliver First Aid courses without certificates at this level. If you have an old HSE certificate, this will still be valid till it expires.

If you do not renew your FAW you cannot teach once it expires so do not leave it too late.

Upgrading a QCF EFAW to QCF FAW

17 October 2013 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

When students take the EFAW course they may decide that they want to upgrade to the full level 3 QCF FAW qualification.  This is now possible as the FAW is made of two units, the first of which is the EFAW.  All you need to do is to come back and complete the final two days of a QCF FAW and then receive the full level 3 award. The only thing you must do is to complete the course within 10 weeks, after this time you will have to take the whole three days to gain the FAW Award.  If you need any help or guidance,email us at or phone 01206 805359.

All New ProTrainings EFAW and FAW Paperwork and Notes on the Instructor Dashboard

3 October 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAll the material and notes you need are now on the ProTrainings instructor dashboard to deliver our non QCF FAW and EFAW courses.  You can download guidance notes and all the new forms but make sure you download the latest versions to keep up to date.  If you have any questions please contact us. Login at 

HSE Changes 1st October

2 October 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAt  midnight last night the HSE ceased to directly approve the provision of First Aid Training for the Workplace.  This places the responsibility for selecting a first aid training provider on the employer, the HSE have created a guide for employers to follow.

All ProTrainings registered instructors now have the option to offer their customers or employees the fully accredited QCF qualification for Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work Courses (subject to completing our QCF Application and receiving approval) or The ProTrainings (Trade Organisation) certificates.

Employers who select an Ofqual Regulated QCF accredited course do not have to prove due diligence by completing a checklist to satisfy themselves of the competency of that organisation for this reason we recommend that all active trainers register with us as a QCF centre if they haven’t done so already to ensure that they can meet the needs of all of their potential customers. Read the rest of this entry →

HSE postpone implementing changes relating to First Aid at Work – New date 1st October

20 February 2013 in First Aid, Instructor, QCF

We have received notice from the HSE today to say that they have requested further time to consider the proposals and subject to parliamentary approval the proposed changes will come into force in October 2013.

Therefore training providers can continue to offer HSE Approved EFAW, FAW and FAW requalification courses or if they prefer and have been approved they can offer the QCF equivalent qualifications for these courses.

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Updates to PowerPoints and some FAW and Paediatric course content

11 November 2012 in First Aid, Instructor

We have made some changes to the PowerPoints  (now Version 4.0) to improve the layout, update and add some subjects to bring all courses in line with the Ofqual QCF learning outcomes across many of our first aid and non first aid courses.  Please make sure you always download the latest versions and ensure you check them first.  We will be adding more changes to the non first aid courses to make them the same PowerPoint for the standard ProTrainings version and the QCF versions of level 1 and 2.  We are trying where possible to make the teaching material the same for the standard ProTrainings certificate and QCF certificate as we can which will enable you and your customer to decide on what certificate they require.  As the material is the same in most cases QCF will not be needed but you will be able to offer both in the same class.  Remember the FAW as a QCF is NOT available until 1st Jan 2013, HSE certificates still apply until 6th April 2013 and is not the only option, our standard certificates will still be acceptable.

FAW and EFAW now includes more on minor injuries including the use of plasters and an exercise on filling in an accident book. The PDF pages of the accident book are in the instructor manual section, you will need one copy per student. There has been a slight order change to tie things up better.   Paediatric courses include nose bleeds and some other minor changes.

We are adding more courses over the coming weeks and if you would like more information, any questions about the changes or you would like to upgrade your centre to be able to deliver QCF courses please email

QCF FAW and HSE Proposed Changes

6 November 2012 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, Online Training

The First Aid at Work qualification will be available as a QCF level 3 course from January 2013, ProTrainings will be able to offer this qualification alongside the HSE Approved 3 Day First Aid at Work Course, which will continue until the HSE no longer approve first aid training which will happen in April 2013 at the earliest.

This new course is not the only option that will be available to employers and employees after the HSE changes, trackable, credible CPD certified certificates from large training organisations such as ProTrainings will be perfectly acceptable according to the Health and Safety Executive.

The QCF Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course has been available since the onset of the EFAW a few years ago and the FAW is the next development to the QCF qualifications.

Employers will not all want or need a QCF certificate, at ProTrainings we are giving you the choice, the QCF and non QCF course materials and course delivery will be identical and our instructor dashboard will soon be amended to comply with the rules of QCF, however delivering QCF level courses requires all trainers to have PTLLS as a minimum under the Ofqual regulations and there are registration requirements, additional checks and centre management. If you would like to register to deliver QCF courses through us, please let us know.

If you want to deliver the QCF courses and do not have PTLLS or a recognised Train the Trainer qualification, ITG provide PTLLS courses online with 1 day in the classroom or as intensive 4 day courses, for more information please call Liz on 01206 580464.

Please note that until the HSE changes take place the Emergency First aid at Work, 3 Day First Aid at Work and 2 Day re-qualification courses will remain HSE approved and can be delivered and certified through ProTrainings as before.  We will notify you when the changes do take place.

If you need more information, please contact us on or call 01206 585068.

Copies of the RIDDOR forms on dashboard

28 October 2011 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Health & Safety

We have added the 2 RIDDOR forms to notify of accidents or illness to the dashboard under the documents section.

New Form 1 – replaces 1,2 and 3 for HSE courses

6 October 2011 in First Aid

To make the paperwork easier we have changed the HSE course check list forms so that there is now just one. Forms 1,2 and 3 have been made into one sheet to make it easier, so use the new form 1 (Version 2) that you can download from your instructor dashboard documents section from now on.

If you can also scan and upload all HSE course forms to the course it makes the monitoring much easier and we will not need to get in touch with you so much.  If you have any questions please email or call 01223 911805.  There are videos and course notes available as well on your dashboard if you need more information.

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