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Security Dog First Aid courses from ProTrainings now approved by NASDU

4 June 2016 in Classroom Training, Instructor, Online Training, Pet First Aid

Security Dog First Aid NASDUSecurity Dog First Aid courses from ProTrainings now approved by NASDU, The National Association of Security Dog Users.  ProTrainings Europe are recommended by NASDU to provide Canine First Aid training for Security Dogs and Detection Dogs, having had the learning objectives contained in NASDU qualifications mapped against the learning outcomes.  See the NASDU website
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Add a personal message to automatic emails from ProTrainings to students on upcoming courses

28 January 2016 in Featured Articles

ProTrainingsAs requested by some instructors you can now add a personal message to your students for an upcoming course.  This message will go to the student before the course so you can add something personal about the course.  You do not have to do this but it makes your pre-course service a little better.  You can find this feature in the create classroom section of your ProTrainings Instructor dashboard.

Teach Pet First Aid – new instructor course date set in March

28 January 2016 in Featured Articles, Instructor, Pet First Aid

Pet First AidOur next Pet First Aid Instructor course is on Thursday 3rd March. The course covers all that is required to deliver the ProTrainings Pet Fist Aid classroom courses including dog care, cat care, canine first aid and the new advances pet first aid when we launch it.  You will have to complete some pre-study material before the course. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 14 – Keep up to Date

17 January 2016 in Featured Articles

Keep up to dateAs an instructor it is vital that you keep up to date and you keep current.  The ProTrainings system will remind you of what you need to do and it will keep your Portfolio of Evidence up to date but you will need to check that you have added everything.  You can edit your portfolio to check that it includes all of your qualifications and experience.  Also you need to add manually any course you have delivered that is not certified through ProTrainings.  Keeping an up to date Portfolio is a requirement for all instructors.  Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 13 – Use Free Student First Aid to Develop your Business

16 January 2016 in Featured Articles

Student First AidStudent first aid is our free video online course which is available to all children.  It is being used in many schools, clubs, organisations and families to teach basic first aid to children.  The course does not just have to be given to schools but it can also be given to businesses to give out free to their staff, This can be a good way of giving something to a business and then maybe they will consider you for the rest of their training.

This course is designed to give all children an idea of how to deal and stay safe in an emergency and potentially how to save lives.  Why not help us to promote it and at the same time offer a little something extra to your customers? Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 12 – Protect and Promote your Business

15 January 2016 in Featured Articles

InsuranceNow you have built your business, take some time to make sure you protect it.  There are many things you can do to keep your business safe.  The first one is business insurance. ProTrainings and ITG Instructor Training have been insured through Marchant McKechnie One Solution Insurance who have provided and excellent service over several years. If you are interested you can obtain a quote online, quickly and simply. If you prefer you can call them but mention ITG Instructor training for the best deal. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 11 – Regulated qualifications

14 January 2016 in Featured Articles

Approved Centre LogoIn most cases businesses do not require the courses you deliver to be a Regulated Qualification, occasionally they do especially where funding is available. In addition to the ProTrainings qualifications you offer, you can if necessary deliver a qualification that is Regulated through ProTrainings and Training Qualifications UK. If you do need to provide regulated qualifications you will need an additional level of approval and you need to be aware that there are additional rules for example you have to issue the certificates even if the customer has not paid you for your training. Some qualifications will also be more expensive.  If you are or wish to offer regulated qualifications you have to be careful with the wording used on your website.  Guidance is available from our compliance department.

A ‘Regulated Qualification’ is a qualification that is provided through an Awarding Organisation recognised and regulated by one of the UK Regulators (eg. Ofqual in England or SQA Accreditation in Scotland). The certificate of achievement awarded to successful learners will contain the logo of our chosen Awarding Organisation, Training Qualifications UK (“TQUK”), and the relevant UK Regulator along with the full qualification title and number.

The Awarding Organisations who offer regulated qualifications have to be recognised to do so by the relevant Regulator for each country in the UK and in doing so comply with various regulatory requirements. TQUK are approved to offer Regulated qualifications by both Ofqual and SQA Accreditation.

If you have any questions or would like to become a ProTrainings centre, please contact us by email on, phone on 01206 805359 or use our online chat from most of our websites.

Instructor Business Hint 10 – Keep compliant and use right forms

13 January 2016 in Featured Articles

know the rules ComplianceIt is very important to use all of the required forms for the course you are delivering. We have made accessing the forms for each course as easy as we possibly can.  The forms can be downloaded from your instructor documents section or the best way to make sure you have the right documents for each course is to create the class  and then select the class forms, this way you can be sure that you have the right course paperwork, you can also download the course powerpoint from the class and information about the course. On some courses will also pre-populate some of the forms with standard details of the class. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 9 – Social Media

12 January 2016 in Featured Articles

Tweet, Share, Like SignsNearly everyone uses social media in some form or another and businesses that want to succeed and engage customers, need to start using social media to market their business.  Social media links are also a very important tool in helping your website optimisation. There are many different social media websites you can register with and they are all free.   Social media accounts should be integrated into your website, for example twitter feeds, tweet buttons and Facebook follows are equally as important. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 8 – List Courses and be Found

11 January 2016 in Featured Articles

ProTrainings TrainingAs a ProTrainings centre you have free access to an online booking and marketing system that many businesses would pay a considerable monthly fee to use. This system was designed to help our trainers to market their courses and maximise earning potential.  The system works most effectively when instructors list courses up to 12 months in advance as this dramatically increases the chance of the actual courses you are listing coming up on search engines such as Google.

To make the process easier we have a feature for bulk listing courses.  Consider listing courses such as AED, Family First Aid, Sports and Outdoor First Aid don’t just list EFAW and Paediatric, someone searching for Outdoor First Aid is entering a very specific search and if you have this listed it is more likely that they will find your course. List courses for the next 12 months, don’t list courses you obviously cannot teach, don’t list a course every single day, or offer courses for an unrealistic price, instructors have done this in the past and cancel courses as they are not cost effective, if our system detects this practice the courses will be made non-viewable automatically. This is to protect all instructors in all areas.  If you are in any doubt, please call us. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 7 – Answer your Phone, Help your Customers Contact You

10 January 2016 in Featured Articles

CommunicationInstructors often ask how they can deal with enquiries and calls when they are teaching.  Answering calls when teaching is not possible and if you are not lucky enough to have someone who can deal with potential customer enquiries you can miss opportunities and lose potential leads.  The solution we found many years ago when we were in the same position was to use an answering service.  We still use a PA answering service  to deal with out of office hours calls and as an overflow with excellent success.  We appreciate that an answering service is not the ideal solution as a first point of contact for your business, but it is better than customers not being able to talk to someone when they call, we also find that we have difficulties getting an answer from instructors when we contact them, usually because they are teaching. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 6 – Have a effective Website and Leaflets

9 January 2016 in Featured Articles, Instructor

websiteAll businesses recognise that a good website is vital to promote their business.  Many customers will search for a course using a mobile or tablet device, if your potential customers cannot easily navigate your site from these devices, you may be losing business.  If you would like to check to see if your site is mobile friendly go to and enter your website address.

Websites need to be found by the search engines and clearly provide the information your potential customer needs to contact you. There are many companies who have easy to build websites that will be mobile friendly, usually they charge you a monthly fee for the hosting of your site and most have search engine tools to help you too.  Another more expensive but affordable option is to find someone to create your site for you, but amendments/ additions to your site will be chargeable. Spending time learning how to create and manage a website yourself is time well spent and will save you a lot of money in the long term.

We have recommended  FAI websites to many of our instructors and they produce a good website that is correctly optimised,  FAI specialise in website hosting and responsive website design for first aid instructors and companies. Their website designs are all mobile ready and fully responsive, so they will work on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads etc. You can select from many designs, (all site colours can be altered to suit your requirements) and will develop and host your first aid website for you. Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 5 – Day rate work

8 January 2016 in Featured Articles

Classroom TrainingProTrainings provides an additional means for instructors to find work through the day rate system.  This system is simply providing your services as a trainer for other instructors or delivering training courses to national contracts.  Day rate work is not for everybody but it is a very useful way of earning extra money and gaining more experience in teaching.  We have day rate work across the UK for a variety of the course subjects we offer.  Many instructors prefer to work on a day rate basis, others find it a useful addition to delivering training to their own customer base.

If you would like the opportunity to work on a daily rate, make sure you are registered  for day rate work on your dashboard.  The first step is to ensure that all instructors have chosen to be on the list on our system.  When you are registered you will receive an email from our system to ensure the notifications about work available get through to you in the same way you receive this email.  We will be adding a day rate dashboard later but in the meantime, this will be a quick way of getting the information to you before the new system is fully launched.   Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 4 – Look at non first aid subjects

7 January 2016 in Featured Articles

TQUK Level 1 Award in Principles of Fire Safety Awareness (QCF)Offering a wider range of course can help you to increase your turnover. By gaining qualifications in non-first aid subjects such as Food Hygiene or Health and Safety, you will be able to market more courses to your existing customers which is often easier than finding new customers for first aid training

The Level 3 Health & Safety course qualification adds Health and Safety, Risk Assessing, COSHH and Fire Safety, if you would like to offer this range of courses please call us for more information,  if you already hold the qualification or have NEBOSH or IOSH and would like to offer the courses through ProTrainings to your customers please let us know. You will be able to offer both ProTrainings and Regulated courses for these qualifications.   Read the rest of this entry →

Instructor Business Hint 3 – Sell online courses

6 January 2016 in Featured Articles

E-leraning OnlineOnline training is not designed to be a replacement to classroom training but does expand the number of courses you can offer to your customers. If a customer wants to complete some of their training online, you may as well earn money from the sale. We have made it easy for you to sell online training, join the instructors who are already earning hundreds of pounds per month in commission.

Option 1 – Give your customers your personal discount code or make a unique one for them and whenever the code is used by whoever, you earn commission

Option 2 – Add the links that you can create on your dashboard to your website and earn on every sale, regardless of the course type or the number of courses you sell.

Option 3 – Contact ProTrainings and let us help you to earn more commission by selling online training. Read the rest of this entry →

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