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New forms for ProTrainings and Regulated Qualifications

27 February 2016 in Classroom Training, Instructor

Keep up to dateWe have updated many of our forms for ProTrainings and Regulated qualifications to directly link them with the learning outcomes to make mapping easier.  To support these new forms we have added mapping documents which are under a separate tab. Read the rest of this entry →

All forms needed for a QCF course are also now listed on the classroom page

12 April 2013 in Classroom Training, Fire Safety, First Aid, Health & Safety

We have made it even easier to know what QCF forms to use.  All you need to do is to create the classroom and at the top you can print the learner registration sheets all pre-filled with anyone you enter or online bookings and the instructor name, course type and date.  To the right you will see required forms and you simply print off as many as you have on the course.  All this paperwork when completed and signed by the learner and instructor where indicated is simply uploaded to the class as a PDF (no image or ZIP files).  You can still access all the forms in the usual sections if you choose.

QCF and other course paperwork

10 April 2013 in Instructor, QCF

It is very important with all courses to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly.  The QCF courses have to be signed in all parts by the learner and instructor where indicated.  You then upload them to the class on the ProTrainings system so that all the paperwork for the course is viewable in one place.  There is a course guide for each course on the dashboard that details all required QCF paperwork.  If you have any questions please phone or email ProTrainings on 01206 805359 or

Pre-filled student registration form direct from the classroom page

10 March 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, Fire Safety, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, Pet First Aid, QCF

The single page student registration page now pre-fills will the course and instructor details.  If you register your students prior to printing or with online bookings all other student information is completed so the student only has to check and sign it.  This is for any course that has a QCF option associated with it. We will soon be adding a list of all the forms you need for each course, all from the class page.

Updates to QCF classroom management on ProTrainings instructor dashboard

26 February 2013 in Classroom Training, Fire Safety, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, QCF

We have added it so that the registration forms are automatically generated with any student already registered on a QCF class and we are adding all the required forms in one place to make paperwork much easier.  It is very important with all courses especially QCF to ensure that all the paperwork is correctly completed and filed so you can also upload all paperwork against each class for QCF, HSE and standard ProTrainings courses.  There are lots of other updates to improve management and sales which we will be publishing soon and at the training days this week in Birmingham and Colchester.

Copies of the RIDDOR forms on dashboard

28 October 2011 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Health & Safety

We have added the 2 RIDDOR forms to notify of accidents or illness to the dashboard under the documents section.

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