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Listing courses on for maximum results

12 March 2013 in Classroom Training, Instructor

To maximise potential sales we recommend listing multiple courses on the same date on the ProCourses website and using the new bulk class listing feature on your instructor dashboard, this is a simple process to set for the next 12 months.

For example if you list the following together:
Basic Life Support,  Basic Life Support for Dentists & Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals

If you list other courses on the same day that cannot be taught together you can choose to run the one that you receive the first booking for, making sure that you remove the other listings you have made for the same day from the site.

Running 2 half day courses on the same day will help you to make the most of room hire costs and also consider running evening courses and evaluations from your home. Instructors have already done this and it has worked very well especially if you have a small number of people to evaluate or teach.

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Bulk upload courses dates from a single page, now available

9 March 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, Pet First Aid

We have added a bulk dates upload when you create a classroom.  This allows you to either list all dates for the rest of the year or just select something like the first Tuesday of the month and it will create for the rest of the year.  You can also exclude dates like holidays or Christmas all from the one class creation page.  What we are needing centres to do is to create dates for the rest of the year for all courses, not just the workplace courses as this will increase the web presence and you will receive more bookings and enquiries. This feature will get more bookings on your courses but you have to list courses for it to work!

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Reminders on getting the most out of

28 June 2012 in Instructor is a good way of generating business but you need to use it correctly to get more leads and online bookings. If you only list 4 courses that’s only 4 pages you will create on our site, if you list 100 that’s 100 pages and more ways people can find you.

  • List courses for the rest of the year not just next week
  • List a cross section of courses not just HSE ones as we get lots of interest in BLS, AED, Sports Family etc
  • List the blended day 2 of the Paediatric course
  • In the description just put the course details like tea and coffee provided, near railway station etc.  There is a link on the page where they get courses details so don’t put course description, your website etc so no contact details and no web links or html code in the description as this will not come out on the site correct and you page can be removed. Read the rest of this entry →

Link to your blog page on this site now viewable from your ProCourses page

24 February 2012 in Instructor

We have added a link on to your blog page on this site.  Log in to your instructor dashboard and click the link that says manage blog from manage account or simply click the your blog link on this site.  Use your blog to say more about your business.

List courses on ProCourses so people can find you

13 December 2011 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid

Please make sure you list all courses on so that people can find you.  We have an excellent resourse but it will only work for you if you make sure that you have dates set for at least the next 6 months.  Go to your dashboad and create classes in all subjects not just the HSE ones.  Maybe plan to run a course in each subject every 3 months so you will be found when people search for that course. If your listed they will contact you and you will get the sale.  You can always teach small numbers onsite or at their home to save on room rentals. Having courses listed will allow large and small customers to find you and when people call us we can send them to your courses.

It may take a little time but our experience shows that people want to see a date to book on or when they see you run courses they are more likely to call.  Finally please make sure all your contact details are correct as we have tried to call some numebrs on the site to pass on leads but the number is unobtainable.  You can edit your profile from your dashboard but also drop us an email with any new contact details so the office know.

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