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Paediatric First Aid Annual Refresher Course Live

4 April 2015 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor

Paediatic annual refresherWe have designed this course for those who have the 2 day Paediatric course whether our blended version or the full classroom course who require an annual update to refresh their skills.  Keeping your skills fresh is important with any type of first aid, particularly with Paediatric first aid.  Visit the site here. Read the rest of this entry →

Care Certificate training coming soon

28 March 2015 in Classroom Training, Instructor, Online Training

Care CertificateThe new Care Certificate is being launched on 1st April 2015 and ProTrainings will have the training available for the care sector.  There are 15 standards in the new Care Certificate and it will be replacing the Common Induction Standards.   We will be launching the new programmes soon.

The 15 standards in the Care Certificate are: Read the rest of this entry →

New Child Protection Video Online course Now Available

3 December 2014 in Classroom Training, Instructor, Online Training

Child protectionWe have a new video online course on Child Protection  This course is aimed at training individuals who work with children to ensure they know how to identify and report possible cases of abuse and neglect. Children are at risk in many environments and training will ensure understanding of the problem, avoiding possible situations and dealing with abuse and neglect once identified. Read the rest of this entry →

Free Instructor/Centre Update Days – Saturday 15th November Colchester and Friday 21st November Birmingham

1 October 2014 in Classroom Training, Instructor

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThere have been many changes in the last year in the industry and we are running update dates for our registered centres and instructors.  These events will give you an update on running effective training and developing your in-house or business training and guidance on the rules and regulations relating to offering regulated qualifications.

On the day we will be covering: Read the rest of this entry →

Paediatric Qualifications are changing to level 3 with new version 6 PowerPoint

17 August 2014 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor

Child head injuryOn the 1st September 2014 there are some changes to the Paediatric Qualifications, they are changing from a Level 2 qualification to a Level 3.  This will apply to both regulated qualifications and ProTrainings qualifications.  There will be a new PowerPoint available which you will be able to download from your dashboard..  Please make sure you read and understand the new learning outcomes.  They are very similar to the old qualification, the contact hours are the same (6 & 12 hours) but the guided learning hours have been increased to 22, these additional hours can be met using the ProTrainings system by learners utilising the videos, manuals and downloads available.  The ProTrainings blended paediatric qualifications will still meet the learning outcomes. Read the rest of this entry →

Evacuation Chair Instructor Course – coming soon

9 August 2014 in Classroom Training, Equipment, Featured Articles, Fire Safety, Health & Safety

Evac_ChairWe are adding a train the trainer course for evacuation chairs in September.  There is a legal requirement for businesses to have a way of getting people with mobility problems out of a building in the event of fire. The evacuation chair is a simple way of helping someone to safety.  There is an increasing market for training in the safe use of these chairs and we have developed a training course which uses one that we have started selling.  You can take the course in two different ways.  The first is where the course includes the chair for use in your training and the other is just the training.  If you are going to a business you will also be in a position to sell the chairs so we are adding a commission payment for any sales you generate which increases your income.  Read the rest of this entry →

FPOS Intermediate Course Date Set at Colchester

27 May 2014 in First Aid, Instructor

IHCDWe are running a FPOS Intermediate course in our new offices in Colchester on 4th to 8th August.  This course is ideal for anyone needing FPOS Intermediate, CFR’s. Medics or any instructor wanting to improve and apply their first aid skills.  The course includes the use of Oxygen, AED, BVM, Spinal Boards, extraction and much more.  The course is four days of training and then on the last day a practical and multiple choice exam. Read the rest of this entry →

Advanced CPR Practical Training Dates Launched

18 May 2014 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor, Online Training

Sim1We have teamed up with a local Hospital and Laerdal to offer a special days training in CPR, AED and Basic Lifer Support using the advances manikins made by Laerdal.  On these days you will be able to train and practice on manikins that are as near to the real thing as possible.  This will not only improve your practical CPR skills but also your demonstration and teaching skills. Read the rest of this entry →

ProTrainings now partner with HABC to offer more choice and better promotion

18 November 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, Fire Safety, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, QCF

ProTrainings are now working in partnership with Highfield HABC for QCF qualifications.  We made the decision to work with the largest Awarding Organisation for First Aid qualifications to help to reduce the paperwork, speed up certificate times and enable you to give your customers a certificate and wallet card for HABC courses.

All instructors who were already cleared, have been transferred so you do not need to do anything, courses that you list are not only advertised on the ProTrainings sites but are now also listed on the Highfield course finder site automatically (if they are marked as public).  Therefore doubling your exposure and providing more opportunities for potential customers to find your courses.

ProTrainings are the only organisation that offer you the choice of delivering a regulated qualification or ProTrainings Trade Body certificate, unlike other trade bodies our certificates are fully traceable and your customers can rest assured that the requirements for due diligence, quality assurance and verification are all met because all of our procedures and course materials meet requirements. All ProTrainings centres will still benefit from:- 

Read the rest of this entry →

Oxygen Provider Online Class Now Live

12 November 2013 in Classroom Training, Equipment, Featured Articles, Fire Safety, First Aid, Health & Safety, Instructor, Online Training

oxygen imageWe have added a new course to teach the basic skills needed to provide medical Oxygen.  Oxygen is a vital part of emergency care and treatment in and out of hospital. On this course you will learn about the basics of the use, maintenance and types of portable Oxygen equipment commonly used in first aid, confined spaces, emergency medical care, off shore, boats, Scuba diving, etc.  The course is available also as a classroom course through approved instructors. Read the rest of this entry →

FAW Requalification Dates After Expiry for QCF Courses

15 October 2013 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWe now have clarification regarding the dates relating to the Requalification course for First Aid at Work. Students can only be accepted on a 2 day QCF requalification course that is completed within 1 calendar month of the expiry of their current FAW certificate.  If they cannot start and finish the course within the calendar month or if their current certificate falls outside of this timescale they must complete the 3 Day FAW course.

You must take a copy of all current FAW certificates for all students on a requalification course and upload them to the class on your dashboard (as before).
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All New ProTrainings EFAW and FAW Paperwork and Notes on the Instructor Dashboard

3 October 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAll the material and notes you need are now on the ProTrainings instructor dashboard to deliver our non QCF FAW and EFAW courses.  You can download guidance notes and all the new forms but make sure you download the latest versions to keep up to date.  If you have any questions please contact us. Login at 

HSE Changes 1st October

2 October 2013 in Classroom Training, Featured Articles, First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAt  midnight last night the HSE ceased to directly approve the provision of First Aid Training for the Workplace.  This places the responsibility for selecting a first aid training provider on the employer, the HSE have created a guide for employers to follow.

All ProTrainings registered instructors now have the option to offer their customers or employees the fully accredited QCF qualification for Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work Courses (subject to completing our QCF Application and receiving approval) or The ProTrainings (Trade Organisation) certificates.

Employers who select an Ofqual Regulated QCF accredited course do not have to prove due diligence by completing a checklist to satisfy themselves of the competency of that organisation for this reason we recommend that all active trainers register with us as a QCF centre if they haven’t done so already to ensure that they can meet the needs of all of their potential customers. Read the rest of this entry →

Data Protection Online Course now live

16 July 2013 in Instructor, Online Training

We have added another video online course in Data Protection.  Our Data Protection Course gives learners an insight into the regulations that cover the storage and security of data in the workplace. Keeping data safe is a legal requirement and the course covers these requirements to ensure that staff understand why and how we comply with the rules.   The course covers the eight data protection principles as well as other relevant data protection subjects allowing compliance for companies and employees.

On the instructor dashboard are the links that you need to create ads for your website to earn commission on any courses you sell.  If you need any help in selling our online courses, contact us.  You can access the site at

New Lone Worker video online training launched

25 June 2013 in Health & Safety, Instructor, Online Training

New Lone Worker video online training launched at Working alone is not in itself against the law, and it will often be safe to do so, however the law requires employers and others to think about and deal with any health and safety risks and or hazards of the work before people should be allowed to work alone. Employers have responsibility for the health, safety and welfare at work of all of their employees. They are also responsible for the health and safety of those affected by work activities, for example any self-employed people they engage and visitors such as contractors.

Lone worker training ensures that lone workers have knowledge to keep safe at work and employers understand their responsibilities.

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