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11 August 2015 in Featured Articles

ProTrainings CoursesAn instructor had had a call about a company saying that ProTrainings said to call about advertising.  We do not ever tell companies to call instructors nor give out any information.  We have had this before where instructors are contacted saying there is a special offer, usually only 4 spaces and to different markets like firefighters or medical groups. Please take extreme care with advertisers calling you.  The best test with them is to ask them for their phone number so you can call them back, they usually hang up or say they do not take coming calls.  What business does not take calls when they are selling to you.  Also ask them to email details, it usually does not arrive and ask for their name and address, that usually ends the call.

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  1. I had one of these exact calls yesterday, BEFORE I read this blog today.

    It was for the Essex Fire Service Fire Prevention Magazine, and I was offered exclusitivity on the brochure, as the only Pro Trainings First Aid Trainer advertising.

    They gave me all the details, and then when I asked for it in writing because I had not really followed all the things he had been telling me, (I also wanted to use the time to make investigative enquiries). He said he would email it and then call me at 4pm to make sure I had got the email.
    Funny, they didnt call me back and I never got the email. Maybe the scare off factor was that I used to actually work FOR Essex Fire Service as a Fire Safety Inspection Officer, and I had never seen one of these magazines in my time there!
    When i had told him I had previously worked for the Fire Service, he actually offered me discount for my advert. But i bet I actually made his stomach drop and rather a sweat come on, when I told him that. Hahah!

    Not heard from them since.

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