Text alert feature – free period extended

25 May 2016 in Instructor

textWe have increased the free period for the text alert feature to 3 months as we roll out this new feature. The text alert will text you of new day rate jobs and when someone books on your class.  You will still receive the emails and you can now track all day rate work on your instructor dashboard.

You do not have to have this but we thought that some people would find it easier and faster to be notified by text. The text alert is free for a three month period then if you want it, the cost is £10 plus VAT for 6 moths or £15 plus VAT for 12 months. You will be able to reply for a job by text and send messages to our support by text.

The other useful feature of the text service is that you will get a text as well as an email if someone books on your classroom course from our websites or links you use on your website. Having a text will avoid you loosing or missing an email and you can contact and take payment quicker. We will be adding other text features over the coming months and there will not be an additional charge.

Whether you want the text service or not, make sure you check your mobile number and business address are correct and maximum distance you will travel or set it to anywhere if you want all jobs.

If you have work that you want to find an instructor for, email robert@protrainings.uk and we will add it on.

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