Updates to first aid PowerPoints

21 April 2014 in First Aid, Instructor, QCF

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWe have updated many of the first aid PowerPoints on the instructor dashboard.   Some are minor formatting changes and we have added to the workplace first aid courses a slide on the contents of a BSi first aid kit.  The courses including Paediatric choking have the clarification on laying an infant on your legs when delivering back slaps and chest thrusts.  Finally, as the last of the Anapen’s should now be expired and no longer in circulation, they have been removed from the PowerPoints.  It may be worth mentioning this in courses and on the Anaphylaxis course, we have left information that they have been withdrawn. Remember the new Emerade is approved and its use is expanding.  All the main PowerPoints have been updated and the rest will be amended within the next few days.

1 response to Updates to first aid PowerPoints

  1. Glad to see the update on infant choking. It makes much more sense.
    The Emerade trainers don’t actually do much. No loud click like others!

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