Updates to PowerPoints and some FAW and Paediatric course content

11 November 2012 in First Aid, Instructor

We have made some changes to the PowerPoints  (now Version 4.0) to improve the layout, update and add some subjects to bring all courses in line with the Ofqual QCF learning outcomes across many of our first aid and non first aid courses.  Please make sure you always download the latest versions and ensure you check them first.  We will be adding more changes to the non first aid courses to make them the same PowerPoint for the standard ProTrainings version and the QCF versions of level 1 and 2.  We are trying where possible to make the teaching material the same for the standard ProTrainings certificate and QCF certificate as we can which will enable you and your customer to decide on what certificate they require.  As the material is the same in most cases QCF will not be needed but you will be able to offer both in the same class.  Remember the FAW as a QCF is NOT available until 1st Jan 2013, HSE certificates still apply until 6th April 2013 and is not the only option, our standard certificates will still be acceptable.

FAW and EFAW now includes more on minor injuries including the use of plasters and an exercise on filling in an accident book. The PDF pages of the accident book are in the instructor manual section, you will need one copy per student. There has been a slight order change to tie things up better.   Paediatric courses include nose bleeds and some other minor changes.

We are adding more courses over the coming weeks and if you would like more information, any questions about the changes or you would like to upgrade your centre to be able to deliver QCF courses please email keith@protrainings.uk.

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