Viral Meningitis Awareness Week

7 May 2014 in First Aid, Instructor, Online Training

9658851169e1a59c6470ecae52a45effThis is the second Viral Meningitis Awareness week, and this year we are asking everyone to be #VocalAboutViral. It’s all about getting people to talk about the disease, its symptoms and its after-effects.   Up to 6,000 people each year suffer viral meningitis.

A Meningitis Now survey last year, highlighted that 97% of victims faced debilitating after-effects including exhaustion, headaches, memory loss, depression, anxiety and hearing difficulties.

Furthermore, many sufferers have to take long periods off education or work, and struggle with day-to-day tasks that many take for granted.  Meningitis Now hopes the week, between 5 and 11 May, will empower those who have had viral meningitis to speak out about  the impact it has on their lives to help dispel myths and misconceptions  that it is always a ‘mild’ disease.

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