Want to add skill evaluation dates automatically on www.procourses.co.uk

20 December 2012 in Classroom Training, First Aid, Instructor, Online Training

We have added a simple way of adding BLS skill evaluations in one entry for the next 12 months. You can select an evaluation, on a set time period on a set day in each a month, a week or any variation. BLS skill evaluations are a good way of getting extra i come and leads into new companies in the medical sector. We have set the price at £30 per person and you keep all the money and they pay you direct. If you want to charge a different amount, you can but its only 30-60 minutes work. Students can book direct on to your course online or on the phone.

We have updated www.probls.co.uk and are starting a lot of marketing in this sector including on google adwords to increase the market for instructors in BLS training. Also list as many classroom BLS, BLS Healthcare Sector and BLS Dentists for the next 12 months to maximise bookings.  If you want this skill evaluation booking feature added, email keith@protrainings.uk

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