Warning – suspect advertising companies

28 March 2013 in Instructor

It’s that time again where a publication is calling instructors saying that we asked them to call about advertising in their publication.  This one is a publication saying that they have 4 spaces and they have to take your booking now and it is going to all GP Practices in the UK. DO NOT ADVERTISE, these calls are very suspect and the publication may not exist.

The first question you ask anyone is what is your name, company name, phone number and email.  Their answer is usually, we cannot allow incoming calls.  What business does not let you call them unless they have something to hide!   Our advice is to just say no and hang up.  This method of marketing has been about for years and affects all companies and they usually try to target new instructors who may think that spending money will get their name out and result in sales.  If you want to get your name out, list on www.procourses.co.uk, thats free and effective.

2 responses to Warning – suspect advertising companies

  1. good comment Keith, just had yet another call from the NHS Press Office, when i questioned the caller, he got annoyed and said ‘ so you expect to get work for free’ I just hung up!

    • got a call today, promised top named company blah blah, no one gives anything away for free.

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