ProTrainings courses are designed to meet the learning outcomes of a qualification.  The learning that you undertake on ProTrainings courses will provide you with the knowledge that will enable you to complete the qualification.  We are an Approved Centre of TQUK

Our courses are available through a 100% classroom or as a blended approach through video based online training followed by the required practical element or examination with an instructor.  Our fees will vary dependent on the course you are taking

The Qualifications ProTrainings offer may attract funding and enable the student to gain credits, which can be used towards other qualifications. Please contact ProTrainings directly for further details.

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Some courses must be completed 100% face to face. Others can be taken as an online course with an in-person evaluation/exam. In addition, some courses have a 1-day online component with a 1-day classroom component. We can also provide training on site at your premises through our national network of instructors. Contact ProTrainings for further details.

Regulated Qualifications and ProTrainings Qualifications


ProTrainings offers two different types of qualifications. The first we call a ProTrainings Qualification (Pro). These are qualifications that have been designed ‘in-house,’ independent of an Awarding Organisation, and are not regulated by a UK Regulator. The certificate given to successful learners will only contain the ProTrainings logo. Learners should not confuse a ‘ProTrainings Qualification’ with a ‘Regulated Qualification’.

A ‘Regulated Qualification’ is a qualification that is provided through an Awarding Organisation recognised and regulated by one of the UK Regulators (eg. Ofqual in England or SQA Accreditation in Scotland). The certificate of achievement awarded to successful learners will contain the logo of our chosen Awarding Organisation (“TQUK”), and the relevant UK Regulator along with the full qualification title and number.

A Regulated Qualification is often required by learners/Organisations for funding purposes. A Regulated qualification is often regarded of higher value to an ‘in-house’ qualification, as the certificate for a regulated qualification demonstrates that the learner has attained a qualification approved by both a UK Regulator and recognised Awarding Organisation.

More on Regulated Qualifications

Many qualifications offered in the UK are regulated by Independent Regulators. In England the Regulator is Ofqual; in Scotland the Regulator is SQA Accreditation.

The Awarding Organisations who offer regulated qualifications have to be recognised to do so by the relevant Regulator for each country in the UK and in doing so comply with various regulatory requirements. HABC are approved to offer Regulated qualifications by both Ofqual and SQA Accreditation.

Regulated qualifications are listed on the websites of the qualification regulators. The Ofqual Register ( has a searchable database of all qualifications that are regulated in England.

How it Works

In order to ‘qualify’ for either a ‘ProTrainings Qualification’ or a ‘Regulated Qualification,’ learners can undertake an associated ProTrainings Training Course. Upon successfully completing the course and the associated assessment, a learner will be awarded either a ProTrainings Qualifications Certificate or TQUK Certificate for the Regulated Qualification.

Whilst ‘the learning outcomes’ that must be met by learners wishing to gain either a ProTrainings Qualification or a Regulated Qualification are often largely the same, additional assessment and/or requirements will sometimes be required for those wishing to attain the standards required to achieve a Regulated Qualification.

In light of the above, learners wishing to gain a Regulated Qualification will pay a higher course price to those learners attending a course leading to a non-regulated ProTrainings Qualification. Of course, the Regulated Qualification is an additional benchmark of quality demonstrating that the learner has also met HABC and Regulatory requirements. Please contact ProTrainings for further details.

Please click for a full list of the Regulated Qualifications that ProTrainings is approved to offer through TQUK.

Please click for a full list of ProTrainings Qualifications that we offer.

We also offer Endorsed Courses from TQUK and a second certificate like the below is available for a small extra charge if needed.

Forest School First Aid

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